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Our Story

LewAllen and LewAllen Jewelry is becoming a tradition for those looking for uniquely inspired and meaningful jewelry. Ross LewAllen and his daughter, Laura, draw from their personal loves and extensive world travels to create their unique style of sterling silver and 14k gold jewelry. Twenty-three years ago, Ross started LewAllen Jewelry/Earcuff, Inc. in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Laura joined him in 1987. Together they design innovative, unique and powerful creations.This on-line catalog offers a sampling of Ross and Laura's work. If you are in Santa Fe, you are invited to visit our retail gallery and studio. We'd love to meet you!

Our Story

2. Ross's Shamanic website I share my adventures, studies, journeys to far reaches of the worlds - both inner worlds and outer. I have been working with clients for 14 years.

PRICE OF GOLD Due to the fluctuation of the price of gold, cost of items ordered with gold components may increase without notice.